Barter Camp

Barter Camp is a theatre readiness camp for any child enrolled in Grades K-12 for the current school year. We teach theatre skills such as set design, acting, technical aspects, and music in exchange for items the theatre needs and uses all year.

This year’s Barter Camp will be held August 8-12, 2022.

Thanks to all who have signed up!

The World of Mythical Creatures

Come explore the world of mythical creatures at Barter Camp August 8-12, 2022! This year’s focus will be on puppetry, as we explore different tactical ways to represent mythical creatures. Our four theme days will be 1. Dragons, 2.Mermaids & Unicorns, 3. Sea Monsters, 4. Mythical Plants.

As we did last year, older campers will help lead the groups of younger campers and are responsible for coming up with their group’s scene for our performance on Friday. This allows for ages 4-18 to be involved if they are interested in furthering their passion for the arts!