The Board of Directors oversee the management of the theatre, long-term. The board's main focus is to keep the the theatre solvent and to make sure we are living up to the theatre's mission statement. Members to the board are selected based on personal life experience, which is not always theatre-related. It is an active board. The theatre requires a lot of work to keep it running and board members are asked to attend and help with fundraisers as well as regular productions.

Each member is elected to a 3-year term. The offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary are elected each year. Terms start in September.

Executive Officers

Mikey Virts
Artistic Director
Emily Elmlinger
President & Technical Director
Richard Hill
Vice President
Brian Boal
Lynne Elmlinger

Board of Directors

Judy Bertsch
Earl Eisenhart
Liz Rees Gilbert
Melodee Hill
Mark Ludwig
Miriam Sincell Burton
Lori Stoll
Anthony Wroten